Peru Photos

Click on any photo to start a slideshow.

Stories for the first Peru gallery can be found in Lima Part 1Lima Part 2, and Dancing With Scissors.

Stories for the second Peru gallery can be found in I Get SchooledPeruvian Food and Textiles,  Crop Circles, Fortresses, and Inca Warriors, and Salt of the Earth.

Stories for the Third Peru gallery can be found in Machu Picchu and A Tail of Woe.

Stories for the forth gallery can be found in The ShamanThe Spirit is Willing But the Flesh is Weak, and Hey, Where’d That Island Go?


5 thoughts on “Peru Photos”

      1. Exactly! Not sure if I mentioned before, but I have around 15 journals from decades of travel that I still need to digitise. But, they’re all in storage back in Australia.
        I’m happy with writing stories from just the last decade for now! 😉

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      2. I never journaled my trips historically apart from taking pictures, I was never really a writer. But a few years ago I decided my memory wasn’t getting any better – I was forgetting trip details – it was time to starting writing things down. As I try to do things well, I took a travel journalling class, which led to a travel writing class, which led to this blog.

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      3. Wow, your journey through writing is impressive!

        I can’t travel without writing things down, but also as my memory isn’t great for place names so as I take loads of photos, it helps later on with categorising photos.

        The transition from a Technical Writer to travel writing and more creative writing has been a steep learning curve for me…


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