Short Attention Span Theater

Feeling a bit short on time? Not ready to read anything longer than a tweet? Is tl;dr your favorite acronym? This post may be for you.
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Was King Ludwig II Really Crazy?

Ludwig Bedchamber by WVJazzman on Flickr
Ludwig’s Bedchamber by WVJazzman on Flickr

Inside King Ludwig’s palace at Linderhof, we gazed at the king’s bedchamber.  Our guide informs us that back in those days kings often received visitors in their bedchambers, or at least the visitors they were on good terms with.  Considering that the throne room in this palace was in an alcove attached to a hallway and the bedchambers were in a room about four times as big, this news is not surprising. What is surprising is how over the top the decor is, especially combined with the outer gardens.  But is this enough to justify the moniker “Mad King Ludwig?”

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Stahleck Castle
Stahleck Castle

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, in a beautiful river valley there lived a group of knights that really liked wine.  Initially the area was populated by dairy farmers, who liked the fact that they had ready access to water, and that the river contained lucky pebbles that they’d collect and place in their houses to keep the evil spirits away.  But as time went on some of the farmers became rich enough to qualify for nobility, and discovered that wine is much more fun to drink than milk.

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