Hi!  I’m Dave Ply, a retired software designer/developer from Portland, Oregon.  Now that I’ve retired I have more time to try new things, like writing stories about some of the adventures I’ve had over the years, as well as adventures to come.  In addition to the travel adventures that will likely dominate this blog, I also enjoy scuba diving and photography – both will be making appearances.

The blog itself also qualifies as a new adventure, delving into the realms of creative non-fiction.  After a lifetime of more technically oriented writing, learning this style poses a new challenge.  We’ll see if the stories and photos improve over time, and your opinions are welcome.

For you WordPress visitors, hearing from you gives me an excuse to check out your blogs as well, a discovery process that I suspect will lead to new worlds of entertainment, not to mention examples I can learn from. I look forward to seeing how the discovery process plays out.



All images and text on this blog are copyrighted (C)

a) In case you want to reuse any of the photos in this blog, please notify me and provide a link back to this blog with full and clear acknowledgment of all items used.

b) All photos and text or parts thereof are not to be used for commercial purposes without permission.

c) All photos must be used in their original form, no addition or alteration are allowed.

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Questions?  Comments?  Looking for a side discussion?  Send me an email:



27 thoughts on “About

  1. Carol Ferenc

    Hi, Dave. Thanks for checking out my blog and liking. So glad it led me back here to your great looking blog. I’m envious of all your travels and looking forward to reading more!

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  3. I love it when I find a travel blog that is new to me, has all the ingredients that make me want to read more, with great photos too. I shall look forward to following your adventures, Dave.

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    1. I agree. Blogs with good photography are nice. Blogs with good commentary are nice too. But blogs with both, especially when they focus on travel or adventure are the best. I will be following yours as well.

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    1. Thanks Debbie. When you said “vivid” you made my day, that’s a little reminder I give myself when trying to write a post, especially since my default mode is more “tell” than “show”. As for following your blog, that was an easy choice, western Canada has a lot to offer and you present it nicely.

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  4. Hi Dave, I’m glad to have discovered your blog. It seems that our stories have some overlap. I am from northern California, retired a couple years ago, and now want to see as much of the world as I can. I too did a lot of technical writing for work, and now find creative non-fiction to be the natural go-to writing style for my own blog posts. Happy travels! Joe

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    1. Hi Joe. Welcome to the gang. Creative non-fiction was a new challenge for me after retirement. I’m not sure it’s something that comes naturally, but I’m not sure I could even do fiction. I’ll swing by your blog and check it out shortly.


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  6. Your blog pushes to keep seeing. Underwater as you mentioned feels uncommon and yes dangerous perhaps because of the unfamiliar. But as an imagemaker, everything invites which challenges. Lovely to have come here Dave and hoping to spend time with your work.

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