The Legend of the Giants Causeway

Finn McCool, a giant among Irishmen, never bested in a fight, thought himself invincible. Then he saw the Scottish giant Benandonner charging down the causeway with blood in his eye, and he shivered in fear.

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A Jaunty Ride

Clip, clop, clip, clop.  The horse’s hooves beat a rhythm on the road, swaying the cart from side to side as we bounced along the ruts of the muddy road.  On one side of the road, a brook meandered along, on the other, a red deer.  And this was just part of the day’s jaunting around.

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Irish Pubs and the Art of Guinness

The Barmaid set the pint of Guinness stout in front of me, tiny tan bubbles of nitrogen still cascading upward through its dark brown liquid.  The last time I’d tasted one, almost 40 years earlier, I thought it vile.  Dreading strong, coffee-like flavors, I feared the pending attack on my taste buds.

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