Abiqua Falls

THUMP! Thumpity thump, crash, thump thump.  The rock (or rocks?) continued to bound down the cliff I was hanging onto as the seconds rolled on, reminding me how far I had to fall should I lose footing with the other foot as well.  Once I found a new foothold to replace that sizable sounding rock I’d knocked free I looked around for my wife – she was somewhere below.

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Gorge-ous Views (Part 1)

Crown Point – Columbia River Gorge

“Wow, that’s pretty impressive.  I wonder where it is?”

I was watching a car commercial with an impressive background with some folks in a boarding house. They were pretty nonchalant about my question; “Oh, that’s just the Columbia Gorge.  It’s about 30 miles up the freeway from here.”

I wanted to know more.

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Tom, Dick, and Harry

Mt Hood from Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain
Mirror Lake in Foreground

The thing about Oregon summers is, they’re so outrageously nice it’s a sin to not go out and enjoy them.  To avoid sin, my wife Priscilla and I opted to head up to the Mt Hood area and hike to Mirror lake, with a side trip to Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain.  There’s nothing like a mountain hike to see what condition your legs are in.

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