Mr. and Mrs. Snowman

For much of my adult life, I was a Grinch when it came to Christmas.   One day that changed.

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A Fish Story

Traditionally, a fish story entails an adventure with the teller at one end of a fishing line and a fish at the other, where the fish grows with the telling or some other outlandish factor comes into play. While I have told one of those, this isn’t that sort of story.

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Zen Stone Stacking & the Art of Auto Maintenance

I’m not one to reblog much – there’s just too much good stuff out there and it’s too much like picking favorites. But this one from Robert Parker pushed all my buttons: photography, philosophy, dry commentary and humor. I hope you enjoy it too.

UpState & Away - - - -

We’d been walking along the shore of Lake Ontario,and stopped to watch the sailboats and drink some water.

A very nice lady saw us fooling with these rocks, and asked if we were professional artists, and if she could photograph our “stone stacking.”

It almost seemed like she was serious, so I told her, we artists prefer our creations to be called “Cobble Assemblages”.  And that we’re novices, from the Spiral Jetty School, working our way up to pyramids and standing stone circles.  No money is required to view them, but an offering of fresh fruit is appreciated.

This strange little hobby, stacking up stones, “rock balancing” seems to have really caught on.

We’ve run across them in stream beds, woods, parks, even on the berms near shopping malls.

Sometimes there are so many, it appears a Neolithic cult is out there in the woods.

What is the point of…

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My Brew Kettle

I’m not in the habit of taking on challenges from other bloggers, be it photography or writing. But Greg over at Almost Iowa has put out a challenge to write about “My Stuff“, something he’s been doing with great success for years, and I couldn’t resist. Greg puts a new spin on homespun humor and wisdom, check him out.

* * *

The rich aroma of brewing malt and hops filled my nose, the house, and possibly the neighborhood as I peered into the bubbling cauldron of my brew kettle. A dark, chocolaty concoction for a batch of Porter boiled away, both a visual and olfactory delight, suggesting the rich flavors that in due time would greet the tongue.

Boiling malt and hops for a Brown Ale on an earlier brew day

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