Whisky or Whiskey?

It is a question I first heard in Ireland.  Our host, while introducing us to an assortment of Irish flavors asked, “Without looking at that sign over there, tell me, is whiskey spelled with an ‘e’ or without one?”

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My Brew Kettle

I’m not in the habit of taking on challenges from other bloggers, be it photography or writing. But Greg over at Almost Iowa has put out a challenge to write about “My Stuff“, something he’s been doing with great success for years, and I couldn’t resist. Greg puts a new spin on homespun humor and wisdom, check him out.

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The rich aroma of brewing malt and hops filled my nose, the house, and possibly the neighborhood as I peered into the bubbling cauldron of my brew kettle. A dark, chocolaty concoction for a batch of Porter boiled away, both a visual and olfactory delight, suggesting the rich flavors that in due time would greet the tongue.

Boiling malt and hops for a Brown Ale on an earlier brew day

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How To Make Beer – Part One

Barley Malt, Special Grains, Dry Malt Extract, and Hops


Just mentioning the word will cause some to perk up their ears, trying to catch the inside scoop on who might be providing some. A few are interested primarily in the alcohol it contains, while others have an interest in its different styles and flavors. While the first group may think of making your own in terms of a cheap buzz, it’s the second that will get full return on the art of homebrewing. Read on to find out why.

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