Short Attention Span Theater

Once upon a time, I created a set of gallery pages that provide a quick way to check out the photography from past posts without having to access them individually. I’ve just updated the galleries, and rather than explain the lot I’m reblogging the post that introduced the galleries in January of last year- Short Attention Span Theater.

PS: I’m about to do some traveling, so if you don’t see any blog posts or me responding to your posts for a few weeks, not to worry.

Plying Through Life

Feeling a bit short on time? Not ready to read anything longer than a tweet? Is tl;dr your favorite acronym? This post may be for you.

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Tortuguero Birds – 1

Collared Araçari

As mentioned in the adventure tale Tortuguero, I’ll be posting bird photos from the Tortuguero region for the next few days as that post had enough wildlife pictures already. Please check out the Tortuguero post for the backstory – what was causing that woman to scream, out there in the jungle?