The Colors

What is the best time of year? Ask four people, you’ll likely get four different answers. For that matter, ask me, four different times of the year, you may get four different answers.  These photos are my answer for this time of year.

_72D3842-800.jpgThe seasons have colors. The greys, whites, and blacks of winter; spring whirls into a kaleidoscope of flowers; in summer the browns of fields and branches explode into green; and in fall, the summer greens lose their inhibitions and party.  Yellows, golds, and reds bust out and have one last hurrah before the cycle begins again.


Fall’s colors can be fickle. Not all parties leave a smile on your face, but this year – wow!


Some trees are just party animals. They think spending the year green is too boring.


And lest you think that this big show is intended solely for a certain group of primates with illusions of primacy, remember all the other creatures with a front row seat.


The beauty of fall is not limited to its colors. Patterns frame the hues, creating little art galleries, hidden away, awaiting their next customer.


Even the heavens join in.  Crisp fall days with clear blue skies and the scent of falling leaves provide the perfect backdrop for a neighborhood walk.


Some plants are introverts.  At heart, they may want to go out in a red blaze of glory with all the other partiers, but their inner nature never lets them get past yellow. This only adds to the appeal of the season; the mix of greens, yellows, golds, and reds provides a more spectacular tapestry.


It’s not just color. Light filtering through the leaves adds a warmth to the day that has nothing to do with heat. This makes it all the nicer to share a fall walk with a friend.


Gold and blue. Peanut butter and jelly. Shoes and socks. Some things just go together.


Others want to be the star of the show. Center stage, like a diva with an aria or a Shakespearian actor with a soliloquy, they burst out with enough display to catch the eye of even the cheap seats.


But it’s the package: the melody of colors, the glow of light, the smell of the air, the shuffling of feet through piled leaves on crisp sunny days that makes fall call out, “it’s me, it’s me, I’m the best time of year!”

35 thoughts on “The Colors

    1. I wasn’t sure if I should include the spider pic with the leaf pics, but I shot it around the same time frame and didn’t feel like writing a separate ode to a spider, even if I liked the picture.

      I’m not sure why the posting date was yesterday, I just published this morning. The last edit/update was yesterday, maybe WordPress, in it’s “wisdom” decided that’s when I meant to publish.


  1. I’ve heard the fall colors are not as vibrant in many places this year, but you clearly got some good ones! Great shots of all the colors and shapes, but I’m always partial to the yellow-golds – like little chips of sunshine on a branch!

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  2. We were supposed to have a mostly colorless Fall this year, due to an extremely dry August and September. But then we got some rain in October, and it’s been just beautiful! I love it when things turn out better than expected.

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    1. I wish the fall colors and the nice days would last longer, it’s so transient. At least the spring flowers hang around for a while, and the nice long days of summer. (Trying to think of something nice to say about winter…)


  3. What a fine medley of Fall images and thoughts. Especially “Gold and blue, peanut butter and jelly…” That was amusing! That Japanese maple is beautiful, with it’s dark, curvy branches and fiery red leaves. They’re wonderful trees in every season.

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      1. Full force is the word, Dave. Here in Wellington we’re getting our equinoctial gales, and a couple of days ago a massive white climbing rose was pretty much blown off the fence and onto my front path and verandah.

        I shall have to truss it up again. In the meantime it’s keeping unwelcome visitors away from the front door. I’m hoping the welcome ones will be smart enough to make their way to the back door.

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  4. I’m with you on this! I find it hard to decide whether I prefer the pink of cherry blossoms or the hues of fall. These days, I’m swaying towards fall. I absolutely loved the spider’s web shot and the red tree picture! Evening walks couldn’t get better. So much going on around in the natural world these days. 🙂

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    1. I’d have to say I’ve got more flower pictures in my collection than fall color shots, so I may lean that direction. Of course, prime flower season is much longer and more diverse, so it’s hard to complete.

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  5. Ooh…aah…ooh…aah….Sorry that my comment isn’t very thoughtful but it is literally all I can think of as I stare at your superb photos. I shall be back to stare at those maple leaves for comfort when the world quickly turns dark and stormy.

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