Heroes, Saints, and Sinners

In a country as old as Hungary, there has been plenty of time for men of power to make their mark; be it as a hero, a saint, or a sinner. Heroes and Saints get the good press. Sinners, not so much. And of course, one man’s hero is another man’s tyrant.

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Loose in the Palouse: Panorama

Sometimes, in a photography workshop, you need to get an early start. Like, really early. Early enough to travel to and arrive at a pre-scouted viewpoint well before dawn, so you can catch the sunrise and morning light that comes with it.

In my case, this ended up meaning, “guess I’m not going to sleep at all tonight.”

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Loose in the Palouse: Born in a Barn

The cow looked at me, quizzically. I looked back, impressed with how well it was put together. We both probably wondered if the other was missing a few screws…

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