A Fish Story

Traditionally, a fish story entails an adventure with the teller at one end of a fishing line and a fish at the other, where the fish grows with the telling or some other outlandish factor comes into play. While I have told one of those, this isn’t that sort of story.

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Herding Cats

OHS Kitten

Most folks, when they hear the term “herding cats”, think about trying to manage a group of independent people.  While I can relate (and maybe my old bosses could when they saw me coming), these days “herding cats” takes on a more literal meaning for me.

Literal cat herding implies manipulating cats into going where I want them to go and doing what I want them to do when they, being cats, have other ideas.   This is exactly the problem I face when I do cat photography for the Oregon Humane Society adoption website. Continue reading “Herding Cats”