What do you do when on a “vacation” dedicated explicitly to photography?

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Getting Close

Folks who’ve been reading my blog for the last eight months might get the impression I spend my life globe-trotting.  The reality is less glamorous; I milk two or three weeks of travel into months of blog posts.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting worlds to see all those other weeks.  Today we’ll look at one of those worlds – found in my backyard.

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There Be Whales

Swimming along the wall, in the dark, the senses are focused, attuned to different things. The feel of the water seemed almost warmer.  Colors seemed brighter.  And somehow, way off in the distance, I heard something special.

Sometimes shrieks, sometimes croons, sometimes a sub-harmonic bass you could almost feel more than hear.  There be whale song – the soul of the ocean.

We left off on a night dive, with the sound of whales in our ears, with the sense that if the ocean has a soul, it was speaking to us. But where are the whales?
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