Macro Series – Jan 2019

Here’s a challenge for you.  Name a shrub that flowers in the middle of the winter.  I’ll even show you a few pictures.


This is what it looks like when it’s budding out – the normal “flower”.

But at the end of January (northern hemisphere), it decides to get all fancy on us.


It puts on its Sunday go to meeting clothes, augmenting its usual velvet nodes with a crown of yellow flowers.


And to top it off, the flowers, when they bloom, have a delightful aroma.  Any ideas? I think I heard it may originate in Japan, but my old geezer memories aren’t exactly bulletproof.

I took all the pictures in this set out walking on January 30.  I wanted to get some pictures of the mystery shrub in bloom, but it was a nice day by Portland winter standards so I walked a bit more.  What sort of things can you find out here in the American West?

Howdy, podnah.
Let’s do some roping.
What y’all afraid of?   You yellow?
Or maybe you’re just a redneck.
Better watch out in that winter sun, you might start peeling.

Ok, ok, enough of the corny wild west theme.  Probably spoiled the mood.  Maybe I should just let you look again and come up with your own impressions.  I bet you can do better.  Comments are open…


24 thoughts on “Macro Series – Jan 2019

  1. I know that one – but of course, I can’t think of the name. 😦 There was one growing next to the greenhouse at a botanical garden in NYC I used to frequent. I love that rope photo – very nice! One commenter above was right – it’s Paperbush (Edgeworthia chrysantha). Nice photos!

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  2. Eye-catching selection of images yet again Dave. The sailor in me was especially mesmerized by that knotted rope images. I’ve often tried and failed to take pictures of the lines on our boat. Yours is a masterpiece and inspirational to give it another try!

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    1. That was a fairly heavy rope with big knots and a fair amount of weathering. (Part of a swing.) I suspect you keep your sheets clean and well maintained, which would tend to lead to less character. Still, if you get really close and maybe get a bit of shiny hardware…

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