Macro Series – Dec 2018

Not a very inventive title, is it?  What’s up with that?

There are only so many ways to say, “Hey guys, here is something you’d see if you got up close and took a good look instead of taking it for granted,” but in a catchy title.  I’ve already used a couple, and even they weren’t all that catchy.

So, recognizing that I’ve almost run out of recent travel stories, but still have quite a few macro pictures to share, I’m just going to bite the bullet and use generic titles.  There may or may not be stories attached to the macro posts.  Walking around taking pictures of flowers and leaves and bugs and such doesn’t make the most riveting drama.

Besides, lots of folks just post a single picture with no story at all and seem to do pretty well. I think there’s even a popular site dedicated to that idea.  Insta-something?

The pictures in this set are from December 2018, just walking around the neighborhood.  I’m not a botanist or a naturalist, and will not be able to ID everything.

Wet leaves.  Same plant, I think.
There’s something about rain/dew drops that says, “fresh.”


Banquet for birds
Berries, after a hardcore night of partying
Who says moss and cactus can’t coexist?
The Dufus Bird.  Inspired by certain political figures…
You’ve heard of a green thumb?  How about a green elbow?
I don’t know what this was that’s gone to seed, but the seed form is prettier.



42 thoughts on “Macro Series – Dec 2018

    1. As I mentioned in Getting Close, I cut my macro teeth doing underwater photography in the 90s. It’s a different way of looking at the world. You’ve got a good eye, I bet if you started looking at the small stuff you’d see all sorts of interesting colors and patterns.

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  1. Alright, Dave DeMille, you’re definitely ready for your close-ups. It’s nice to see these droplets and moss on a hot day, and I really like the featherly seed pods shot a lot! That would look great tucked in a hatband.

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  2. These were great! My favorite was the seed pod, but the doofus bird has a certain charm all his own (not the political version, of course).
    You could do a regular Macro-Monday feature, no one would complain. 😉

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  3. Hi Dave, You title gets to the point and I am curious where you will go with this post. The “riveting drama” made me smile. Your photos are exquisite. The “Dufus Bird” suits its name, or is it the other way round?

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    1. Most of the macro shots in the upcoming series will end up being flowers, leaves, and bugs I found not more than 100 feet from where I’m sitting now, with a few more from walks around the neighborhood. Lazy man’s photography.

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  4. That’s Clematis gone to seed – sometimes called “Curly-headed Thomas.” (There are many different kinds of Clematis) The berries (under the red berries) aren’t berries – they’re seed pods of a tree called Sweetgum, I’m pretty sure.
    I like your mossy branch, and the wacky bird, and well, all of them. You’re having fun. 🙂

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    1. I wouldn’t have guessed Clematis on that one. We have a few in the yard, but not that one. I knew the “berries” weren’t really berries, they’re too big for one thing. But I took liberties to make a few jokes. As you said…


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