Enniscrone In Paint

Does this picture give you a sort of fuzzy deja vu?

A couple of the folks who commented on Days End at Enniscrone noted the sunset shots looked a bit like paintings. That seemed like an open invitation to run them through a program that puts a painting look on digital photos.  Hope you like ’em.

(They might look better if you click on them for a larger view)



20 thoughts on “Enniscrone In Paint

    1. Be nice if I could actually paint something like this, but even finger painting is beyond me. But tweaking setting in an app until I find something I like, I can handle. Turner, I suspect, might enjoy the pictures, but think the technique a bit of a mockery of real artistry. (Or he may never get real paint on his fingers again.)

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    1. It’s pretty straightforward really, you just set it up as a link in a similar way you do for text. In the editor, select the picture, then click on the insert/edit link icon (the one that looks like a chain), then click the Open link in new window/tab box. You don’t have to pick a blog post from the existing content list, you’ve effectively done that when you selected the picture. Click Add Link when you’re done and you’re good to go.

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    1. Interesting, what you can do with software these days. Sorry for the late response, Otto, I stepped away from blogging for a few weeks, but am now getting back on the horse. Hope your holidays were enjoyable.

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