Haiku in Shades of Gray

Afternoon Visit
In A Japanese Garden
Feeling Shades Of Gray


Following A Path
Entry To Serenity
Nature’s Softer Side


Branches Twist And Turn
Tendrils of a tree’s soul
Gives Calming Patterns


A Mossy Clearing
Pagoda Climbs To Heaven
The Maple Watches


A Glyph Guards The Frame
Of Quiet Tea Ceremonies
House With Autumn Moon


A Solid Presence
Ancient Anchor To The World
Crafted Wall Of Rocks


A Gentle Dripping
Calming Sounds Refresh The Air
Stress Draining With Water


An Old Tree Provides
Patterns Of Bark And Needles
Beauty Of Aging


Sandy Sacrifice
The Buddha Faces Tigers
Garden Of Stone


Lake Of Raked Gravel
Geometric Distances
The Islands Ripple


Winding Stairs Climb
A Rocky Hill Surrenders
The Spirit Ascends


Miniature Vignettes
For Pondering Natures Soul
Garden Says Goodbye


35 thoughts on “Haiku in Shades of Gray

    1. Thanks, Julie. Poetry isn’t really my thing, but haiku is the one form I’m comfortable with. Simple verses from a simple mind. 😉 For a tour of a Japanese garden, haiku and black and white images seemed like natural partners.


    1. Thanks, Monica. In truth, the haikus mimic the images. I picked a set of photos from that shoot that seemed like they’d do well in B/W, converted them, then let each picture inspire a haiku with an overall theme of serenity.

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  1. Wow. wow. Absolutely wonderful, elegant album.
    This garden is in Wash. or Oregon?
    Man, in the second shot, it looks like if you climbed into the upper branches, you’d enter another dimension! These are excellent shots & haiku

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    1. Thanks, Robert. The garden is in the west hills of Portland, just above Washington Park and near the Zoo and Arboretum. Wandering into a garden like that is a bit like entering another dimension; if you can ignore the crowds of a nice day and immerse yourself into the ambiance, it’s quite a different feel from the chaos of the city.

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  2. What a treat, David, I love the concept of pairing the haiku and back and white photos. Japanese gardens are so peaceful and inspiring, and that’s exactly what you conveyed. I still haven’t been to the Portland garden and I know it’s one of the best in this country….one of these days!

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