Crystal Rhodies, Take 2

A year ago I took you on a tour through the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens in Portland. I had the best of intentions at the time, bringing along my digital SLR and extra lens, but upon arrival discovered I wasn’t fully loaded for bear – I’d left the SLR’s memory card at home and was obliged to shoot with the phone camera. This year we went again, and I remembered all the good gear.  Did it make any difference?

Since you’ve already read the first post (brief pause here for folks who haven’t done so to catch up), you already know the background of the gardens so we’ll cut to the chase and show some pics.

What?  Bored with rhododendrons already? They’re pretty but so what?  Well, you know what I think of that!

You’ve just been mooned by ducks.

The rhodies are only part of the charm of the gardens. The springs shimmer in the warm spring air, attracting ducks, geese, and unfortunately, algae. But we’ll skip the algae, that really is boring.

A Canadian Goose, eh?
How much muck could a Wood Duck suck
If a Wood Duck could suck muck?

I jest with the poor Wood Duck.  It’s actually my favorite among the duck species, at least the ones around here.

The gardens aren’t limited to rhododendrons. They also have azaleas, and a few additional species that I’ll call strangers since I don’t know their names.

Strangers at a Family Reunion

I don’t know if these pictures, captured with my fancier camera gear, are any better than the cell phone shots. I’d have to say I did better with the telephoto shots.  I’d also have to say I got more good shots – in fact, I’ve got another set standing by for another post. 🙂

I hope you folks aren’t getting tired of the recent flower theme.  It is spring, and it is Oregon, the place is crawling with flowers. (I don’t know if they really crawl, but every time you turn around, there’s another one sneaking up on you.)  In any case, I’ll give you a little intermission. Next week’s post will have an adventure…


27 thoughts on “Crystal Rhodies, Take 2

    1. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a website where you could submit a picture of a flower or other plant, have it scan and analyze it, and tell you what it is? If it works for facial recognition, why not flowers? (Or birds, for that matter.)


  1. I remember well last year’s post about rhododendron because it set me off on some research about why that tree appears where it does on our planet! I admit I did not compare the photos, but these are certainly lovely. And you’ve added the ducks, so this post wins for me! (I especially love the mooning ducks.)

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    1. Some of it is camera, some is editing, but nature made for easy targets that day. Interesting how popular the “mooning” ducks have been, since rule one for most animal or people shots is show their eyes. I guess the rule really should be, show something unique.

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