Fall is Fell

Spring is Sprung
Fall is Fell
Winter’s Coming
What the Hell

The gloom of the nearly denuded trees and the cement gray skies outside puts me in mind of this old bit of doggerel, but begs the question: is Fall Fell because the leaves all fell from the trees, or is it Fell in the more ominous context – i.e. one fell swoop?

Fall doesn’t begin on such a foreboding note. For many it’s the best time of the year. Summer’s bug-infused heat eases and the roar of lawn mowers and air conditioners is replaced by the sound of feet whishing through piles of leaves. The fragrance of BBQ is supplanted by smoke from chimneys as folk fire up their fireplaces. Thoughts of Halloween and Thanksgiving evoke visions of young goblins and zombies prancing to the next candy stop, and families gathering for an orgy of food, football, and reminiscing.


Depending on where you live, the primary anticipation of fall may be the color. Summer’s sea of green breathes fresh oxygen into the air, but while there can be shades of jade it seems a one note hue. Leaves lose their inhibitions in fall, their Halloween costumes veer to yellows, oranges, browns, and reds.

Little wonder that people make special excursions to see the leaves. Walking about in the brisk fall air, seeing the warm colors adds a sense of wonder to what was once a monochrome landscape. It gives a feel good ending to the growing season.



But the leaves and their color do fall, swooping to and fro on their way to earth, leaving an empty, melancholy mood in their absence.

Is that a fall swoop or a fell swoop?  The recent fall election had a fell feel to it.

While the outcome was surprising, perhaps it is understandable. For many, business as usual was unpalatable, they felt that they were being left out.  That it’s currently all about special interests and Washington insider deals.  It is reminiscent of the throw the bums out movement 8 years ago when Obama campaigned on Hope and Change. This year’s hopeful for change cadre  chose to ignore the realities of Trump’s behavior and history and took an “any change is a good change” approach. And if they took his demagoguery at face value the change had to be ok.

In addition to ignoring Trump’s track record, they also forgot history. Obama wasn’t able to do all the Hope and Change things he wanted because the president can only attempt to steer the ship of state, it’s Congress that has to carry out change. And Congress hasn’t changed, it’s still mostly the same congressmen, dependent on the same lobbyists for campaign funding who are in power.  The disenchanted forgot they have to kick out the current congressmen and the lobbyists too, to have any chance to supplanting the special interests and insider deals.  I forecast many of those Trump supporters will end up as disillusioned as some of the Obama supporters became. It will not be the “little people” that make out like bandits, it’ll be the mega-rich, including Trump, at the expense of a ballooning national debt.

Meanwhile, we have a president-elect with a history of belittling and insulting both individuals and groups with no apparent sense of remorse, but yet somehow feels an apology is due from the theater group for the play “Hamilton” to VP-elect Pence.  They had the audacity to ask Gov. Pence, who was attending a performance, to uphold the rights and values of all Americans, including the more diverse.

Ominous indeed.

But not all is lost. VP-elect Pence is more politically astute than Trump; his response was that no apology was needed, he was not offended. He better get used to putting out fires.

The reality is many, perhaps most of the folks who voted for Trump are people of good character.  If Trump does not amend his ways, if he continues to embarrass the United States and the Republican party with inappropriate remarks and actions, his own party and the folks who voted him in will impeach him, if only to save their own skin – to avoid guilt by association.  It will be interesting to see how this upcoming season plays out; will this be a “what the hell?” winter of our discontent, or will something more reasonable evolve.

I prefer to believe in evolution, be it in the natural cycle and hidden beauty of leaves, or the character of good people to rise up and overcome negative and destructive influences.



24 thoughts on “Fall is Fell

    1. Perhaps it’s better that the alt-right is coming out of the woodwork – it gives a better chance for backlash from the more normal right that’s seen the historic path of the alt-right and knows its folly. It doesn’t seem like they’d like the truly extreme to kidnap their movement.


  1. pinklightsabre

    Nice and refreshing to see you putting forth the idea that the people who voted for Trump are good character, he needs to live up to their expectations. That’s good. Hard for me to swallow, but need to come around to that.

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    1. It probably doesn’t hurt that I have a few relatives that fall into that category. They’re fundamentally good people, but perhaps a little misinformed on the big picture, or overly susceptible to confirmation bias. But even they’re not likely to swallow the extremes some of the Trumpies want to go to.

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    1. Thanks Brick. Tis true, this wasn’t a sweetness and light post, although I tried to lighten it with the foliage thread. I suspect years of working in corporate environments and seeing how politics really works has made me a bit cynical about how change really happens. Idealism is nice, but it shouldn’t be confused with reality.

      “Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.” – John Godfrey Saxe, 1869

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  2. Well said, Dave. Hoping some sense and sanity prevail at some point, and the sooner the better. My biggest concern is the gaping, divisive wound we have suffered as a population – actually, that sounds too passive – that we have *created* as a population. Your words that capture some understanding of the other side can go a long way toward healing that kind of wound.

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  3. I agree with the comment above that it’s way past time to look for ways to heal the divide in our country, and really listening to those with differing points of view is a huge step forward. Thank you for your calming words on the election. And I agree, candidates promise the world in an attempt to get elected, their followers turn a blind eye to their obvious faults because they are desperate for their situation to improve, and yet once someone is elected, they run into the brick wall of reality. And that’s usually where the blame game starts, rather than trying to find ways to actually work together, which is sad and totally unproductive.
    As an aside, I have to say that I loved the way you described the arrival of Fall…very eloquent and almost poetic!

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    1. Pretty sad isn’t it? Folks prefer to play the blame game because some supposed knight in shining armor hasn’t saved them from their situation, when often that situation is self inflicted. People usually have more power to change their own situation than some politician a thousand miles away. But it may not be easy and it may not be fast.

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  4. I’m one of those people who generally loves this time of year, but the recent election of Donald Trump was not a welcome addition to the season. I feel a sense of dread at what may happen next, but I hope I’m proven wrong and sanity somehow still prevails.

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    1. I agree. I think it’ll come down to the battle for control within the GOP – will the more conventional, politically astute party members be able to enforce their will on Trump now that the venue has changed from the campaign trail to the halls of congress? Some rude changes are inevitable, but will they completely depart from reality? And how much will they respond to the pressure from the true majority that didn’t vote Trump? I guess it’s like the proverbial Chinese curse; we will be living in interesting times.

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  5. Wonderful pictures Dave. As for Trumpageddon, well I can only hope you don’t fall far and give in to fear. Fight da power, in the words of Public Enemy. Or at least resist his agenda of division, racism and ignorance.

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    1. Perhaps as he learns the difference between the reality of governing where he isn’t the absolute power (a new position for him), and the fantasies of spewing far right ideology with nothing to lose, he’ll temper that agenda. At least he seems to be blowing off the alt-right Nazis so far. Time will tell, but I suspect he’ll still shoot himself in the foot. You don’t learn diplomacy overnight.

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  6. la magia dei colori autunnali, così ben rappresentati in questo vostro post, è quello che c’insegnano le stagioni: prima del grande sonno invernale sembra che la natura si diverta a far esplodere tutta la sua Bellezza
    un sorriso

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